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Yesterday was day 2 of qualls.  It wasn't the slam dunk that I had hoped for, but hopefully it was sufficient to pass.  All three of us were a little worse for wear looking after finishing day 2.  My advisor gave us a little pep talk.  On the bright side, all of us made it to our cars before we cried.  I think that I scared the Bear a little bit (he dropped me off and picked me up afterward because my parking spot is sort of far away) because I got in the car and started to cry, and I can't cry and breathe at the same time, so I can't explain why I'm crying.

I slept until about 3:00 today.  The Bear and I went out to dinner and on our way home, he said something about how he thought I was probably really relieved that I didn't have to go home and study.  Oh yeah.  I explained how it was a little like this:

It's kind of interesting.  I have a life again suddenly.  The government didn't shut down, which is good.... among other things, I need to get a passport for Vancouver in late May.  The Bear finally got in touch with his cousin who is coming through here 9 June.  I'm going somewhere at the end of June.... not sure which trip I'm taking.

I talked to my mom today, and she was asking what ELSE was going on in my life.  Um.  Yeah.  I didn't tell her about the student judicial programs thing because there isn't anything I can tell her about what happened there.  She's really concerned about the relationship between her brother an his wife.... although she doesn't really *get* relationships .  There was a long discussion about an Edith Wharton novel that sort of underlies that point.

The arts festival here was surprisingly good.  Some years, there are a bunch of cowboy paintings.  There was a 19th c. circus wagon collaged with skeletons and bits from books.  We've come a long way, baby.

Clay tomorrow, hopefully.

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Today was my first time in a pottery studio in about 5 years.  It's a nice facility and it feels good to get back into it.  Here's what I did (it took a couple of tries to be able to actually pull the clay up without torquing it and tearing it.

The one on the far right is a little lopsided, but I can deal this time.

My throat is a little scratchy from allergies.... the grass pollen is high and the tree pollen is moderate.
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~I spent an hour after dinner in the front flowerbed cleaning and raking and pulling weeds.  It's been so long since I've been out there, and it feels good.  Sort of meditative.  Justin from next door was running errands and we chatted a bit.  They driveway is right next to one of the prime cat watching spaces in the Bear's study.  Two windows form the corner, and there are two filing cabinets so that it's a perfect perch for snoozing and watching birds and squirrels.  Justin said that his wife, Laura, always likes to comment on the kitties watching her drive up.  "Two kitties in the window" or "One kitty in the window."  I thought that was sweet.

~I'm going to go in to the clay studio to work tomorrow.  I'm so excited!  It's been AGES since I've done pottery.... five years?  six years?  Way too long..


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